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The Master Practitioner Certification program is designed to provide participants with advanced analytical, conceptual, observational, and interactive skills necessary to achieve both conscious and unconscious competence for mastery in NLP, Timeline Therapy™, and hypnotherapy skills. 

With the Master Practitioner Certification, you'll be able to charge more and gain your return on investment in just a few short months.*

Be Masterful in Your Language

Learn the art of "sleight of mouth" to be intentional with your communication for more profound results.

Change Belief Systems

Discover advanced strategies for discovering deep internal limiting beliefs for core transformation.

Become an Expert in the Field

Gain expertise in advanced NLP, Timeline Therapy®, and Hypnosis as well as find your voice as a coach.

  • Become an expert in NLP to work with your clients more efficiently and gain faster results.
  • Gain NLP master techniques to expand your toolbox for profound change.
  • Identify how NLP works on a deeper level to create your own processes and master the "art" of NLP.
  • How to "think about thinking" to find new patterns and uncover the basic structure of experience to design your own multi-level interventions.
  • Develop personal mastery over some of the most effective tools for change today.
  • Apply NLP to a variety of applications, including mental and physical health, business, leadership, education, social situations, and more.
  • How to become more masterful and clean in your language using Sleight of Mouth, with yourself and others for more effective results.
  • More advanced techniques of NLP, including advanced:
  • Hypnotic Milton language patterns,
  • Ideomotor response signals,
  • Somatic movement
  • Master Timeline Therapy™ processes
  • Identifying and managing the dynamic interplay of Neuro-Logical Levels, Perceptual Positions and Time Frames.
  • Defining a "problem space" in terms of symptoms, causes, outcomes, resources and effects.
  • Strategies for Changing Belief Systems including Reimprinting, Integration of Conflicting Beliefs, Time Line Belief.
  • Advanced Patterns for Working with Sub-Modalities.
  • Recognizing and Utilizing Advanced Language Patterns.
  • Advanced Anchoring Techniques.
  • Systemic NLP Patterns and Multi-Level Intervention Strategies.
  • Cooperative Learning Skills including Co-Coaching Skills, Dynamic Assessment Strategies, "Intervision " procedures.
  • Meta Programs for Problem Solving.
  • Meta Mapping through Spatial Sorting and Time Line Utilization.
  • Sleight of Mouth Patterns for Verbal Persuasion and Reframing Limiting Beliefs.
  • Physiological and Cognitive Patterns associated with Neuro-Logical Levels.
  • Strategies for Developing, Recognizing and Utilizing Multiple Perceptual Positions.
  • Advanced Patterning procedures - Meta Model III and "Mill's Methods."
  • Managing Systemic Dynamics - Meta Messages and Psychogeography.
  • Defining a Problem Space in terms of the S.C.O.R.E. Model. 

2023 Dates:

Just 2 Weekends/Month,
Friday - Sunday:


8 am - 3 pm (Pacific Time)

Virtual Live Stream


Session 1:
June 2 - 4th


Session 2:
June 23 - 25th


Session 3:
July 7 - 9th 


Session 4:
July 14 - 16th

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*We will provide you with business strategies for success; however, return on investment varies by individual business efforts.

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